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10 Photos Of Soldiers Being Awesome For Veteran’s Day

It can be so easy to just pass Veteran’s Day.  Just take the day off and forget what it’s really about.  Especially in modern times, when we are more distant to war than any time in history, Veteran’s Day can come and go as it it never existed.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever that we remind ourselves why it exists.  And why it matters.

Here are ten photographs of soldiers being awesome in order to remind us of all of that.  It’s the day when we need to remember how much these brave men and women do for us.

1. Escorting After Liberation


This photograph, taken in 1945, is of US soldiers escorting a group of Dutch children just after the liberation of their country.

2. A Different Kind Of Escort


This image recently went viral.  It depicts a female soldier holding hands with a young Afghan girl.  So beautiful, raw, and touching at the same time.

3. What A Cheater!

121010_m_uy543_012_by_wright_usmc-d5hr70h (1)

You’ve just got to love this candid moment where this soldier, based in the Philippines, pretends to cheat off of that sweet girl.  Gotta love it.

4. The Friendly Marine


A few weeks ago, at a 5k in Charlevoix, Michigan, a group of marines who had joined the race noticed that one of their men was missing. They decided to look for him, afraid he might have fell behind in exhaustion.

But before they turned back, they saw him rounding the final turn of the race with this young boy. Apparently, the boy had lost touch with his fellow group of runners and asked the marine, “Sir? Will you please run with me?”

The marine ran the entire race with the boy, at the boy’s pace. This is an image from the moment they made it to the finish line.

5. Feeding The Kitty

Soldier Feeds Cat

Taken by Life Magazine during World War II, this image is such a beautiful depiction of the softer side of soldiers throughtout the years.

6. Just Read



7. A Christmas Surprise


This young boy is about to ask Santa for his dad to come home.

Need we say more?

8. A Gift From A Veteran To Another


When the wife of a soldier at war came out of Dunkin Donuts, she noticed a note left on the windshield of her car.  But it wasn’t a ticket.  It was this beautiful note, left by a veteran that says, “I noticed the sticker on the back of your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving. Him deployed and you for waiting. – United States Veteran, God Bless”

And in case you’re wondering how the wife felt, she had this to say when she shared it on Facebook: “There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Tears in my eyes. I just wish I could thank whoever did this! God bless our troops and all of those who stand behind them. ♥”

9. Escorting Heroes


This image shows a group from the 101st Airborn escorting the “Little Rock Nine”, the first students in Arkansas to attend a formerly segregated school.  We should always remember that it was with the strength of our army that such a huge change to our country was able to happen.  They served and they protected these heroes who were out to change the world.

10. The Awesomest Thing Of All


And, of course, there’s nothing more awesome a soldier can do for his family than come home safe.  And while so many have had to pay the ultimate sacrifice, it is always incredibly moving to see images like this one, of a father welcoming his son home from duty, that remind us just how precious these people are.