5 Videos To Prove That Good People Are Everywhere

It can be so easy to think that there aren’t good people in the world.  That good things only happen rarely, or that people are only looking out for themselves.  It can be depressing.

But what if we could prove that there really are good people around?  And what if we could prove they are everywhere?  Well, that would be wonderful.

So, while most people like to use YouTube to check out silly cat videos, we at Charidy did some scouring to find videos that would keep us reminded about the beauty of the people in the world.  Sometimes we all need that reminder, don’t we?

1. The Man Who Left The Crowd To Save A Life


This happened in Madrid.  A man fell and was knocked out on the a train track, and while everyone was waving as a train flew towards him, one man did something beyond brave.


2. The Bus Driver Who Saved A Suicidal Woman


This video was recently quite popular on the web.  And for good reason: this man did something so good, and without any hesitation.  Check it out.


3. Dash Cams Catch Small Acts Of Goodness In Russia


In Russia, dash cams (cameras installed on the dashes of cars) are all the rage.  Because they are so popular in the country, they have an incredible ability to catch moments that in general are never recorded for posterity.  Lots of times they catch incredibly dangerous and scary moments.  But this incredible video is a collection of something so much better.  Take a look.  Good luck not crying.


4. A Homeless Man Reminds Us That They Are People


Some of us, especially those of us who live in big cities, have a tendency to learn how to ignore the homeless.  It’s hard to be aware of just how common this lifestyle is, especially after the worst recession in decades.  Some of us try to justify ignoring the issue by assuming they are all drug users.  But we need to watch videos like this to remember that these are people, and they deserve our respect.  This man is a great spokesman for the cause.  Please watch.


5. How Does A Man On A Wheelchair Exercise?


Zach Anner, the genius behind Have A Little Faith and other YouTube series, was recently trolled on his page with someone suggesting he do a video of him walking on a treadmill.  For those who don’t know, Zach suffers from cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.  Well… Zach responded in a way you would never expect.  And it’s one of the most inspiring videos ever to hit the internet, and reminder of how many truly brave, amazing people are out there.  Thanks, Zach, for your inspiration.