Add Some Urgency – Now!

The best fundraisers know how to use urgency wisely. The mission is urgent, the campaign is urgent, and most importantly – your investment is urgent!

Especially in this nonstop attention economy (we’re all competing with big brands and baby pictures alike, right?), building a sense of urgency into your fundraising can help break through the noise. Urgency helps your message rise to the top, of people’s minds and newsfeeds alike.

In crowdfunding especially, urgency is key. It’s an integral part of that magical mixture that helps your message stick and spread from friend to friend-of-a-friend and beyond.

More than that, it’s also a reminder that if we want to change the world, all we have is this moment. All we have is – right now.

It’s like Leonardo DaVinci said:

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

There are a few angles you can take to add urgency to your fundraising:

  1. The need is urgent. Some causes just can’t wait. Kids need clean water, now. Medical supplies have to be delivered to this community today. Communicating the immediacy of the need – when it’s genuine – is an effective way to catch your donors’ attention.
  2. The opportunity is urgent. Even if your cause is long-term, you can build a sense of urgency by developing particular opportunities to give. Matching donations have this effect: give by this date and X donor will match, dollar for dollar, up to a certain level. Aggressive time frames have a similar effect: we’re raising X amount over 24 hours – won’t you give now? (At Charidy we use both tactics, which multiplies the effect.)
  3. The ask is urgent. Even if the cause is not immediate, and there is no particular urgency of opportunity, using the language of urgency (carefully) can help draw your donor into the story and compel them to give. Incorporate words like you’ve seen in this post: now, today, hurry, etc.

Nonprofit communications strategist and coach Kivi Leroux Miller offers some great pointers for adding urgency; and here are a few from John Haydon on adding urgency (without being pushy).

What will you do right now to add urgency to your fundraising?

(A Charidy campaign could be just the right route. Book a call with one of our friendly fundraising specialists and find out now!)