Campaign Spotlight

Campaign Spotlight: 350 Bay Area

Next up in our campaign spotlight series is the organization 350 Bay Area. This incredible organization is working tirelessly to protect our environment through many different projects and efforts. They are partnering with Charidy to raise $80,000.00 in 48 hours! Read on to learn about their incredible work.

Tell us about your organization:

350 Bay Area is focused on eliminating the use of fossil fuels, a fast and just transition to clean energy, and affordable clean mobility. We work in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and in cities and counties in the region to pass policies that reduce health- and climate-harming emissions. We combine policy expertise, geographic reach, and years of organizing experience to push for real change where the leverage is. 

What is your mission?
We are building a grassroots climate movement in the Bay Area & beyond that achieves deep reductions in carbon pollution and presses for socially equitable solutions and a just transition to clean energy.

What are the opportunities you provide?

  • 350 Bay Area is able to quickly share learning and resources across the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. We also provide support and expertise to smaller 350 groups across California.
  • We provide valuable coalition support for allied groups; a critical component for staying engaged, motivated and mobilizing masses for action.
  • Focusing on the climate issue is tough work – we provide the opportunity to work on hard issues with the support of engaged teams
  • We provide a robust skills-based volunteer program that empowers hundreds of activists to make meaningful contributions toward climate action.
  • We provide training for volunteers working on legislation, public speaking, and research.

How has your organization impacted the community?

  • The work we do leads to increased air quality when emissions are reduced.
  • Youth vs Apocalypse, 350 Bay Area’s youth-led climate justice group, has supported and empowered middle and high school student activists, whose voices have been amplified and become the clarion call for action.
  • With our support, more and more city and county level hubs have been focusing on local action to reduce emissions.

Any success stories you would like to share?

  • Shutting down 82 oil wells 350 Bay Area’s work in San Francisco enabled a city-owned oil field in Kern County to be shut down.
  • Setting the groundwork for drastic cuts to particulate pollution – the regional Air District is poised to affirm that there is no safe level of exposure to particulate matter, setting the legal framework for an aggressive action plan to dramatically reduce emissions.
  • Passing Climate Emergency Resolutions – Working in coalition, we helped Berkeley pass a Climate Emergency Resolution and spread the movement to 17 cities and counting in the region.
  • Ramping down fossil fuels 11 jurisdictions in California have now adopted measures to require all-electric residential new construction, thus ending the mindless expansion of natural gas networks.
  • Climate Strike! Our youth-led student group, Youth vs Apocalypse, led the Climate Strike in San Francisco on September 20th. The rest of 350 Bay Area provided logistical and financial support.

What do you hope to accomplish from the Charidy partnership?

Charidy offered far more than a fundraising tool, they have helped us improve our fundraising capacity by providing a communications framework along with consulting support. The additional support from fundraising experts challenged our thinking, encouraged our efforts, and built our confidence. Charidy’s success rate has been reassuring as we’ve ventured into new territory. 

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