Campaign Spotlight

Campaign Spotlight: Claris Health

We are back with another incredible organization to spotlight this month! Claris Health!

In the fall of this year, Claris launched its first mobile clinic. A 30-foot custom-built vehicle, to reach those who lack access to care (due to transportation or other barriers), or who have a high mistrust of the medical community. In this way, they can take their mission even further, and continue to be a source of clarity and care at each step of this critical journey. Claris has partnered with Charidy to , take the next step forward for women’s health. On December 16th they plan to raise $200,000.00 in 24 hours!

We had the chance to sit down with the Claris team to learn more about their initiatives and efforts. Read on:

Tell us about your organization: 

Since 1976, Claris Health (“Claris”) has served the greater Los Angeles community offering care, resources and support to those facing unintended pregnancy or sexual health concerns. We offer free and low-cost medical care, therapy, education and support services. With locations in West Los Angeles and Inglewood, and a newly launched mobile clinic, Claris provides critical services to communities in need.

As we continue to respond to the health care and supportive programming needed in low-income and at-risk communities, we recently launched a Mobile Medical Unit that offers pregnancy testing, early prenatal services, sexually transmitted disease and other screenings, and care to hard-to-reach communities. This custom vehicle officially launched on October 24th and visits 27 sites monthly throughout Los Angeles County that are known for limited access to health care and a high mistrust of the medical community.  This mobile will also serve as a funnel for patients seeking ongoing care to transition from outlying communities into our permanent locations in Inglewood and West Los Angeles. For more information, visit

What is your mission?

Claris’ mission is to equip and care for women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy and sexual health choices.  

What are the opportunities you provide?

We provide a variety of services ranging from STD testing, pregnancy testing, and prenatal care to parenting classes, therapy, pregnancy loss support, and sexual and relational health education. There are opportunities for people to volunteer with the aforementioned services and programs as well as in many other operational, administrative, or support-generating capacities.  

How has your organization impacted the community?

Claris has a more than 40-year history of serving the community, and tens of thousands of lives have been impacted as a result.  We’ve also built strong relationships with over 200 community partners working with those experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, or previously incarcerated or trafficked, and many others who have felt alone and come to find that Claris is here for them, every step of the way.

Any success stories you would like to share?

  • In 2019 Claris launched a group-based prenatal care program, targeted at improving maternal and infant health outcomes particularly in the African American community. Three babies were born this spring as a result of our pilot group and 25 babies are due to be born within the next few months.
  • From a Claris Parenting Program employee: “I grew up in Watts, with a single mother who had me at 19. I’m successful today because I had a lot of people pouring into my life and encouraging me. I want to do the same for the ladies in a group, re-entry home. It’s incredible that Claris gets to partner with them to remind them that they can still accomplish their goals, that this is not the end of their story. We all make bad choices sometimes, but we’re not the sum of our choices and we can always bounce back with the right support.”
  • From LaTreece, Former patient/client: “From the moment I walked in the doors of Claris, I felt like I wasn’t shattered anymore. They were so understanding. I wasn’t looked at any different because I was young (23) and pregnant. That first medical visit meeting with the nurse at Claris, seeing my baby on the ultrasound, chatting through my options made me feel for the first time like I could really do this. It was exactly what I needed.  In the months that followed that first visit, I stayed connected to Claris through the parent support program. I even went to the Birthing Boot Camp class 4 times! I wanted to make sure I was extra ready to give birth. The classes are intense yet so helpful. I learned so much information that doctors never have time to tell you about. My son was born October 30, 2018 and I had an amazing all-natural birth, thanks to all I learned in birthing bootcamp. And thanks to Claris, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s almost one year old and it’s been really rewarding being a parent. Everything I invest in him is worth it. I’m so grateful for everything Claris has done for me and my son. And they empowered me to know that I could do this because they have had my back every step of the way. Now I am stronger.  I am a mother, I work full time and still attend school, so it can be done.”
  • From a Claris employee: “I remember hearing the stat that “as many as 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the time they are 45.”  As odd as it sounds, I actually felt comforted and not alone in that moment. I knew I wasn’t alone. After attending the pregnancy loss support group at Claris, I also knew that I wanted to get help and to eventually help other women in similar situations.  That desire led me to eventually take a staff position at Claris.”
  • Claris began offering free court-mandated parenting classes at local correctional facilities, group re-entry homes, addiction centers, and other locations where families are seeking reunification services.
  • Many more stories can be found at or  

What inspired you to throw a party in advance of your campaign? What are your goals for the event?

Every year, a group of generous supporters host a holiday party and donate all proceeds from ticket sales to Claris. This year, we decided the party was the perfect launch to the campaign and an opportunity for all attendees to tour the mobile clinic (at the party) and promote the campaign within their own spheres of influence!

What do you hope to accomplish from the Charidy partnership?

We hope to inspire people who are passionate about Claris’ approach to care. We hope to spread the word about the mobile initiative and everything else that Claris does to serve lives in this city and beyond. We plan to raise $200,000 within the 24-hour campaign to build a solid foundation of continued support, and we hope to do so in a fun and creative way with many existing and new ambassadors! 

Watch their Charidy Campaign promo video below and head to to donate!