Campaign Spotlight: Sha’alvim

Next up in our campaign spotlight series is something really exciting! Today we are talking about the Sha’alvim campaign and their upcoming virtual Gala which goes live this Sunday starting at 7:00 P.M. EST.

We are really excited for this feature as it highlights one of Charidy’s newest offerings, the virtual Gala experience. You can read a whole blog post on that here!

We met up with the Sha’alvim team to discuss this exciting campaign and to learn more abut their organization!

Tell us about your organization:

We are an educational institution, located in central Israel that spans from early childhood through advanced Kollel and rabbinic preparation.  Prominent among these schools are post high school programs for American, Canadian and British men and women. In any given year, there are close to 200 such students. our organization: American friends of Sha’alvim, serves as a support, fundraising and liaison vehicle for the Yeshivot.

What is your mission?

To keep the schools thriving and keep alumni connected.

What are the opportunities you provide?

Donations, online classes, lectures ( both here and in Israel), semi-  annual torah publications and the like.

How has your organization impacted the community?

Our community is comprised mainly of alumni, current students, and parents and friends. spread across the country and the world. We facilitate communication, continuity and  cohesiveness.

Any success stories you would like to share?

They are all success stories!

What are you most excited about in regards to the Charidy Digital experience?

Because of the way our constituency is situated, social media is crucial in maintaining relationships. Also, millennials tend toward the digital community.

What do you hope to accomplish from the Charidy partnership?

Reaching out to those alumni and friends who may have lost contact with the institutions and, hopefully, get their support.

Make sure to stop back on Sunday night at 7:00 P.M. to experience the Charidy Virtual Gala in real time!