Campaign Spotlight

Campaign Spotlight: The St. Louis Children’s Choir

Next up in our campaign spotlight series is The St. Louis Children’s Choir. We interviewed the team at SLCC before their campaign went live. Read on to learn more about this organization.

Tell us about your organization:

In The St. Louis Children’s Choirs (SLCC) over 450 children ages 6 to 18 in six ensembles learn to read music and sing challenging choral repertoire. Approximately 100 works from master composers in a variety of styles including sacred, secular, jazz, gospel, folk, classical, contemporary, and world music are performed in 20-30 seasonal and community performances for over 25,000 patrons annually. “Music Made Together” (MMT) encompasses our educational and community engagement programming including Elementary Honor Choirs, Serving St. Louis Through Song community tours, Music Conducting Workshop, College Night, and individualized school and teacher workshops.

The Children’s Choirs is about shaping young lives. As our singers pursue musical excellence, they develop key skills such as commitment, excellence, self-discipline, teamwork, and maturity. SLCC is recognized regionally and nationally as an integral part of our local performing arts community.

What is your mission?

Shaping young lives through musical excellence.

What do you feel you are doing for children?

We teach children the universal language of music. Our singers have the opportunity to perform in amazing venues by touring locally, nationally, and internationally. The Children’s Choirs provides a loving and safe environment to off-set the challenges children may encounter in daily life. We strive to be inclusive and serve children from all parts of St. Louis so that our singers can make lasting friendships with their peers from different schools or neighborhoods. This builds bridges in our community to help make St. Louis stronger. Singing in the Children’s Choirs fosters the artist within, and develops character traits such as creativity, discipline, compassion, excellence, and commitment.

What are the scholarship opportunities?

Every year, SLCC provides over $50,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to families with demonstrated financial need. Tuition is also partially subsidized for ALL singers – the true cost of choir is $1,632 per child, but tuition does not cover the full cost. Help us rise to the occasion and Give Voice to even more singers!

How has your organization impacted the community?

All of our programs are designed to help the community see and feel the vitality and value of musical excellence. We have increased our visibility in the community with programming that reaches into schools and neighborhoods that have limited access to choral music education. We provide performance opportunities to community artists and composers with commissioned works. SLCC collaborates with other arts and education organizations to enrich the lives of all the citizens of St. Louis. Our biggest impact for the community in the last year has been the creation of the Music Made Together Elementary Honor Choirs – one day festival choirs for children in grades 3 – 6 to come together and envision greatness for themselves and share their love of music.

Any success stories you would like to share?

SLCC’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert in May 2018 welcomed 80 alumni back to the stage to perform at Powell Hall alongside our regular ensembles. As a result of this positive experience, several alums have now formed the Generations Singers. This small group is composed of SLCC alums of all ages who gather twice a month to sing and make music together. They performed in the lobby of Powell Hall last December as audience members were gathering for the SLCC Holiday Concert and another performance is scheduled for early summer. We love seeing this meaningful re-connection with our alums!

What do you hope to accomplish from the Charidy partnership?

We hope to not only raise enough money to cover scholarships and tuition assistance – but to also help raise visibility of the Choirs for the St. Louis community. Parents of our singers tell us that SLCC is the “best kept secret” in town. We want all children who want to sing to know that we are here and that they can come sing with us!

You can follow along on the progress of the St. Louis Children’s Choir’s campaign here!