Campaign Spotlight

Campaign Spotlight: WAPA International

Charidy has been lucky enough to partner with WAPA International for three campaigns since 2017! We love watching the growth of organizations that benefit from our services year over year. In their first Campaign with Charidy in 2017, WAPA raised € 22,431. Then they followed up with a campaign the following year raising € 50,988! Today, they are going for € 75,000 and we have no doubt they will succeed. We sat down with their team to learn more about them. Read on!

What is your mission?

WAPA fights for the reintegration of former child soldiers in countries in transition to peace by financing education, health and professional integration programs. The Belgian NGO supports local partners in Colombia, Uganda and Sri Lanka. WAPA also leads awareness campaigns and advocates the case of child soldiers in order to end their recruitment.

(WAPA stands for War Affected People’s Association)

What are the opportunities you provide?

To effectively reintegrate former child soldiers, it is vital to invest in sustainable aid, individual and tailor-made for these children and their communities. WAPA’s strong partnerships with the local players allow to get the right needs. Moreover, the small structure (limited functional costs) of the Belgian NGO guaranties effective and efficient support abroad. For 6 years now, WAPA supports different concrete reintegration programs in Colombia, Uganda and Sri Lanka thanks to the generosity of private donations (particulars and companies).

How has your organization impacted the community?

The concrete actions of WAPA and the support of its strong community tend to get a future for those young victims of armed conflicts. Children are vulnerable human beings forced and manipulated to fights for a cause they never asked for. This NGO is led by 3 determined young Belgian women fighting at their small but very concrete and efficient scale to save those lives and further struggle against the recruitment of child soldiers!

Any success stories you would like to share?

We get many testimonials full of hope from former child soldiers that ‘ve benefit from our reintegration programs. Proof that vicious circle can be broken.

  • « Through art, I discover new talents that help me to be integrated and accepted in the society ». Nelson, former child soldier in Colombia
  • « Dancing helps me to don’t feel the shame anymore. Kraft works help me to destress my spirit ». Alexandra, former child soldier in Colombia
  • « The agriculture training allows me to start a life and get a revenue to be integrated in the society ». Ocen, ex child soldier in Uganda.

What do you hope to accomplish from the Charidy partnership?

The  crowdfunding campaign of 2019 enlarge our network to provide our missions in Uganda, Sri Lanka and Colombia with the means to help 150 former child soldiers.

With 75,000 euros we can provide:

  • Help to 30 Colombian teenagers with art therapy.
  • education for 50 Ugandan children.
  • a job : by training 40 young Sri Lankan women and helping them to start a business; by training 30 young Ugandans in the dairy industry.

This is the moment to change the lives of these children who have been hit by an armed conflict they did not choose to be a part of and to create thereby a lasting process of solidarity. Head to to donate!