How You Can Change a Homeless Person’s Life for $20

Quick question: How much money do you have on you?

Between my wallet and my jacket pocket, and I have $27.59.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I saw a homeless woman standing in front of Starbucks.  She looked soooo tired – the kind of tired that takes the shine out of your eyes, because what’s the point?

Oh, and it was raining.

I saw some people drop a few coins in her cup. But mostly, I just saw people walking out of Starbucks with  their Venti half-caf vanilla soy lattes with extra foam and an extra shot, their chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, their fruit salads, and maybe a bag of freshly ground coffee Costa Rica, or a really cool Starbucks compilation CD.

The cost adds up. And that’s fine.

Really, it’s  fine. But I couldn’t help but wonder what that homeless woman thought as a few meager coins rattled in her cup.

And I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we dug a little deeper in our pockets, and in our wallets, and figured out a way to help feed people like these.

Anyway,  I guess others have thought about this, too. And look what they did about it.

It’s awesome, right? Just $20 can make a world of difference.

Just $20.  Such a small amount that can offer a truly significant impact.

I’m going to try this. Want to join me?

And, in case you want some more specific guidance, here’s the actual list from the video:

Look how simple it is.
Look how simple it is.