Charidy Launches Higher Education Crowdfunding Platform: Getting Back to the Give with Mega Raise University Giving Days!

University Giving Days have become a major source of fundraising for colleges and universities over the past several years. Perhaps the biggest success story has been Purdue University which managed to raise an astounding $18.3 million dollars in 2016, an increase of 33 percent over the previous year, as well as driving social media impressions from 19.5 million to 24 million.

University Giving Days have proved a huge boon to institutions of higher learning – working with a highly reputable partner platform, utilizing unique and high quality content and a strategy combining gamification and shareability, the result is a more engaging and personal approach to educational fundraising that creates a sense of shared community and responsibility which keeps people invested in the future of the school for years to come.

At Charidy, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to assist colleges and universities reach their fundraising goals. Having worked with nonprofits and charities across the world, we are strategically positioned to understand how technology and social media can be leveraged in order to make a huge impact on causes and communities.

With this is in mind Charidy utilized its institutional knowledge and technical expertise to develop a robust and dynamic University Giving Platform.

What distinguishes Charidy’s University Giving Day from its competitors? What we offer is a platform that meets the needs of institutions, administration and faculty by integrating with existing payment methods, CRMs and over 15 industry standard processing companies, including Touchnet; while simultaneously delivering a user-friendly front-facing interface allowing for payment methods such as Venmo, Paypal and robust social media and peer-to-peer components which speak to the target demographic of students, alumni, organizational ambassadors and influencers.

Our fundraising platform combines the connectivity to existing technologies in use by our clients, tagboards and processing platforms adopted by your organization with an engaging and responsive user interface that allows users to share your fundraising campaign across their own digital ecosystem. For every influencer that picks up and spreads your message, dozens even hundred to thousands more can be reached, growing your campaign exponentially in the shortest period of time possible.

New technologies such as smartphones and social media have unlocked the ability of people to become advocates and champions of causes they believe in, and people who are dedicated to higher education are some of the most passionate of all. Our social and peer-to-peer sharing makes one-click giving, especially when combined with donation incentives and Charidy’s expertise in individual and corporate donation matching, allowing our fundraising platform and engaging campaign messaging to align with organizational goals that create the potential for people to drive fundraising to the next level.

Providing a technologically seamless marriage which addresses the needs of the organization and the donor advocacy tools necessary for success is what allows our campaigns to drive exponentially greater levels of visibility and awareness as well as engagement and financial return to our clients and partners. And the ease with which Charidy executes campaigns allows our organizational partners the freedom to continue the important work they do for their communities.

How successful is our platform? To date we have launched over 2,100 campaign for over 1,400 organizations, collectively raising over $570 million with a success rate of 99 percent.

For Yeshiva University we helped raise over $10 million across two Giving Day campaigns (check them out here and here) through our mobile-optimized technology platform designed to meet students and donors on their phones where the ease of donation conversion will be high.

Utilizing our Seven-Step Ultimate Success Program, beyond just partnering to develop and execute University Giving Day Campaigns, our team works with yours on a post-campaign analysis to obtain actionable insights about our fundraising efforts to help understand the unique needs of your community. We aim for long-lasting partner relationships as the most effectiveway to reach both immediate and long term organizational objectives.

Our combination of strategic insight and technological know-how can help unlock the enormous human potential of any college or university. So, reach out to our team today by signing up for a demonstration at to get started working together to drive your higher education institution to new heights of financial success and academic excellence!