Charidy Learning Series Miami Edition

Charidy kicked off the first official Charidy Learning Series event in Miami on July 23 this past year. Filled with organizations from a diverse background of causes and regions in South Florida, the Miami CLS provided guests with an engaging and energetic presentation on donor marketing.

Ariella Shapiro, Charidy’s Creative Director in their Brooklyn headquarters, led the evening with a workshop on storytelling. Her presentation began with a close look at a familiar brand for all, especially Florida residents, Disney itself. Examining the Disney renaissance of the late 1980’s and 90’s, Ariella deconstructed how this powerhouse brand managed to stave off a serious financial downturn by embracing a powerful and formulaic narrative structure to storytelling.

Through Ariella’s analysis, guests learned about how, using the Disney example, their organizations could adopt a “hero” narrative to construct better fundraising appeals. “It’s so important that each of you remember that your donor is the hero of your story. Each donor you contact needs to see themselves in your story and how they can rise to the occasion to save the day- both figuratively and literally!”

The audience then took a few minutes to write out a sample “Donor as the hero” narrative for their organization and took turns presenting to the group. Charidy’s team of fundraising experts were on hand to provide guidance and answer questions on how to improve their narrative structure. 

By the end of the evening, guests were armed with a formula to help them develop more powerful storytelling in their fundraising appeals. A Q&A session closed the event, with many nonprofit representatives sharing new insight and feedback on how the tips provided will better inform their messaging moving forward.

Stay tuned for more CLS events coming soon!