Commit to “The Ask”

Asking someone for something isn’t the easiest thing. Asking someone for help can be even harder. It’s true in relationships, and it’s true in fundraising.

Here at Charidy, our job is to give you the tools you need to ask for what you need from your Matchers, donors and community. All WE ask is that you COMMIT to “the ask.”

Ok that was maybe a bit confusing…but let me explain.

Let’s start with discussing why asking people for help can be tough. Maybe it comes down to the fact that as human beings, we tend to compare asking for things, like help and charity, as a weakness.

Growing up, if I didn’t know the answer to a math problem, I would feel sheepish and embarrassed. Instead of asking a tutor or teacher for assistance, I would keep this information to myself and just move on. This added no value in my life! I was not asking for help in similar situations so I wasn’t learning or receiving as much as I could have.

As I grew up and developed more self-assurance, I slowly started to recognize the value in asking for help. There is no shame in it, and in fact, should be considered a sign of strength. I now ask for help all the time!

How incredible would it be if everyone in this world were OK admitting where they fall short and accepting help from others.

You may be asking, “What on earth does this have to do with my Charidy campaign??” Well, it’s more relevant than you may think.

A huge part of our campaign process is inviting Matchers – high-level givers including mega donors, corporate sponsors, or foundations – to be a part of your giving day. They are the ones who (literally) multiply everyone else’s giving. Asking Matchers to be a part of this day can be daunting and scary. But we know that every organization can commit to the ask – and see the results. We’re here to help to relieve the anxiety surrounding the ask, educate you and ultimately assist you to receive the support your cause deserves.

“Donating through the Charidy framework not only provides us with an exciting opportunity to leverage our gift, it also ensures that our funds are directed towards organisations that have robust support from their respective communities. Sharing the responsibility funding an organisation with hundreds of other donors enables us to set up the organisation for long-term sustainability and success.”

  • Belinda Bardas, Trustee, Victor Smorgon Charitable Trust

Before starting on the road to learning how to inspire your Matchers and large donors, I usually liken asking someone for support for your Charidy campaign to asking someone out on a first date. It can be a little intimidating, nerve-wracking and maybe even make you feel a little sick! What helps is to consider the WORST outcome. The worst outcome in this case is that the person says “no.”

You can handle that, right?! The answer is YES, you can handle that.

By recognizing that the worst case scenario is that the donor (or your date!) says no, then that relieves a little bit of the stress. You take a breath, move on and ask the next person on your list. With our help and guidance, I assure you, you will receive your YES!

Charidy has consistently given me an opportunity to challenge the organizations I support and care about to do more. As a Matcher on over 35 Charidy campaigns, I have found the platform to add value in consistent, predictable ways. The obvious value is leveraging my donation to bring in additional funds for the cause, but more importantly is the sense of excitement that Charidy brings to an organization. It rallies employees and supporters around the organization for a 24 hour period that is felt well beyond that time frame.

  • Eli Nash, Philanthropist

Take it from us. Commit to the ask, and your asks will be answered.

Ready to commit? Grab a video chat date with Jess to discuss how we can help your organization meet its fundraising goals. (Spoiler alert: she’ll say yes.)