Introducing Corporate Matching | Double The Donation Integration

Our philosophy has always been simple: help people give more. We enable you to truly monetize and maximize your social equity, bringing in new money for your organization. But what if I told you you had access to even more new money than you ever imagined. Billions.

Introducing corporate matching integration powered by!

Chances are, many of your donors’ employers will match their donations to your organization. In fact, 18 million people living in the US are eligible for a corporate matching program right now.

We are now gonna get that found money to you!

In addition to the 4x match, we’ve now made it easy for every donor to submit their Charidy donation to get matched by the company they work for.

How it works:

  • Step 1 – Once they’ve donated, donors are prompted to see if their company offers a matching gift program
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  • Step 2 – Donors type in their company name
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  • Step 3 – Donors access the forms, guidelines, and instructions they need to submit their matches!
  • Additionally – they’ll be provided this information in an email (screenshot of email)


The moment after someone makes a donation to your Charidy campaign there will be an optional prompt to submit it to get matched by the company he/she works for. This prompt will also be in the email receipt. 

Yup, it’s that easy! No heavy lifting required!

We’re excited to see how much newfound funds will be generated for your organization!

All the best,

The Charidy Team


Will the corporate match be included in the campaign goal?

When will I receive the corporate matching funds?
Every company is different but the average time is 30-90 days.

How many people will actually do this?
Based on doublethedonation’s research about $2-3 billion is donated through matching gift programs each year with another $6-10 billion going unclaimed.