10 Unbearably Cute Photos Of People Helping Animals

They say you can judge a man or woman by the way they treat those who can do nothing for them.

Well, that’s no more true than when someone chooses to help an animal.  They can’t give us anything, they can’t do anything for us.  And that’s why the examples below are so powerful.  And also, let’s be honest, unbearably cute.

Cute animals being helped by awesome people.  Seriously, is there anything better?

1. Pausing In Battle To Help The Helpless


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In the middle of the battle for control of Okinawa, a group of marines took a moment to feed a goat.  Thankfully, Life Magazine photographer J. R. Eyerman was there to capture the moment.  What a beautiful reminder of how, even in the midst of war, we can maintain our humanity.

2. This Little Lamb Got Saved



After a volcano in Iceland blew, ash smothered the town, and people had to spring into action.  This little girl did her part and saved this beautiful lamb.

3. What Happened When The Sloth Crossed The Road?



Well, apparently sloths actually need a lot of help crossing the road.  They’re not known for being the quickest creatures, and imagine if a car… well, let’s not think about it.  Thankfully, as this one was crossing the road, this man, who shared even more images on imgur, decided to help out.  Here’s our favorite picture of the bunch.

4. Chillin’ With A Deer



So, apparently in Nara, Japan, deer are allowed to run free all they want.  It’s nice to see that this freedom isn’t begrudged by the humans in their midst.  This picture, that seems both simple but also so beautiful, is such a beautiful example of how even small kindnesses can mean so much.

5. Oh, Just Feeding A Hummingbird In The Office



This photo was shared on Reddit with the title: “My boss recently rescued an injured hummingbird. It loves being fed sugar water through an eye dropper!”  Seriously, how cute can you get?  And the fact that someone would work so hard to help such a small creature: inspiring!

6. Classic



Does it get any better than this?  We really, really don’t think so.  After a house fire in Montana, this firefighter noticed a kitten struggling and, as he said, ““He wasn’t breathing too well. So I put some oxygen on him.”  As if it couldn’t get any cuter, the kitten was then transported by ambulance and taken care of.  And, we’re glad to report, it’s happy and healthy.

7. The Only Duck On A Butt That Will Inspire You



Yes, that’s right.  A duck on a butt.  But for a very inspiring reason.  This man watched as this duck was crossing the street with its ducklings when all the ducklings suddenly fell in the sewer. Yikes. But, amazingly, this man sprang into action and saved the day.  And we’re happy to report that all the ducklings were saved.  Check out the full collection of photos of his miraculous recovery here.

8. #OccupySquirrels


So, during the whole Occupy movement, a Buzzfeed employee happened to notice this little guy hanging with this wonderful lady.  When asked, she explained that she discovered the squirrel a few months earlier under a tree after a storm.  She nursed it back to health on her own, and then adopted it.  And, clearly, outfitted it with the coolest hemp squirrel-leash ever.

 9. Saving A Porpoise In A Tsunami



After the horrible tsunami hit Japan, some people noticed that a porpoise had washed into a rice field.  They immediately reached out to have it saved.  And we’re glad to report that it was saved and returned to the wild!  See the story and more photos here.

10. Too… Cute…



So, this beautiful little baby gorilla needed a checkup.  And, wouldn’t you know it, the stethoscope he got checked out was a bit cold.  Poor guy.  But at least we will always have the cutest picture ever to enjoy 🙂