Damian Topp, CEO of the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation

The PA Research Foundation’s Giving Day was a massive success, raising over $850,000. PARF CEO Damian Topp shares his insights below.

Why did you decide to pursue a Giving Day as fundraising method for the PARF?

We saw a Giving Day as a means of engaging the wider PA Hospital community, and inspiring patients and their families who have not given before to get involved.

Aside from the funds raised (that will be used to support some critical research projects), what were some of the other benefits of the Giving Day?

By far the greatest benefit was engaging the PA community. It was inspirational having Foundation staff and board members working alongside doctors, nurses, and researchers. We were also joined by volunteers and our donors. The excitement of the day was simply contagious.

Did you experience any surprises on the day?

The biggest surprise was an unexpected gift of $100,000 from a grateful patient who had never donated to us before.

What would you say to an organisation that is considering a Giving Day, but is hesitant to do so?

Have a go. Trust in the process and be conservative when setting your target. Remind your team that a Giving Day is just telling people about your cause, asking for money, and saying thank you.

What do you think of when someone says “Charidy”?

Support and experience.