How Facebook helped a grieving dad relive a piece of his son’s life

Oh, my heart.

If you’re on Facebook, then you’ve probably watched scenes from your life (literally) flash before your eyes in the Lookback video.

I did. And I loved seeing my babies getting big, seeing the places I traveled off the beaten track, seeing moments shared with some of the people I love…

Well, meet John Berlin.

john berlin

John loved watching his Lookbackvideo. He loved watching his wife’s Lookback video. And his daughters.  But what he wants more than anything is to watch his son’s Lookback video.

This is John’s son, Jesse.

jesse berlin

Jesse died two years ago, and there’s no way to access his Facebook Lookback video without access to his account — which no one seems to have.

No one but the team at Facebook that is.

So, John shared this beautiful, emotional request:

And the people at Facebook heard his plea and responded:

And now, the Facebook team is looking at a way to make these kinds of Lookback videos to share on the pages of those who have passed away as a way of memorializing their special Facebook moments.

I think this is so, so lovely… and I hope that those of us who have lost people we love will find solace in it.