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EnLIVEn Your Campaign with Facebook Live

Most Charidy fundraising campaigns last 24-36 hours. (And of course those 24 hours only happen because of weeks of diligent planning and preparation, but let’s stick to the day-of for now.) So it’s *really* important to capture as much attention as possible for that limited window of time and encourage every supporter to give, give NOW, and share the campaign.

There are lots of tips and tricks and techniques that can accelerate a campaign. One fun, low-barrier way to do that is through Facebook Live.

About Facebook Live

Since the introduction of Facebook’s live video streaming service, the platform claims to have garnered over two billion viewers of live videos. Live stream videos are heavily favored in the Facebook algorithm (basically, the data that determines what you do, and don’t, see in your newsfeed) and encourage an average of 600% more engagement.

So, whether part of your campaign or not, playing with Facebook Live is a good idea for your overall nonprofit marketing strategy. But on campaign day, when every second is gold, it’s especially valuable to capture that attention from your most devoted fans.

Facebook Live in Action

As part of their December, 2017, campaign, our friends at Exodus Cry really effectively integrated Facebook Live into the course of their campaign.

They kept it minimalist – every video was shot on a staff member’s iPhone, with no additional equipment and very little scripting.

They kicked off their campaign launch with a longer, more descriptive video that not only introduced the campaign, but some of the personalities at the organization who work on behalf of their mission every day.

From there, they turned the camera back on to mark important milestones in the campaign – reaching 25%, then 50% (my personal favorite video, because who doesn’t love a little Bon Jovi karaoke?), 80% (because while they were planning their 75% video, they – can you guess? – raised more money), and finally holding a little video dance party upon completing the campaign.

The Value of EnLIVEning Your Campaign

Each of these videos got thousands of views and encouraged interaction, sharing, and continued giving, right until Exodus Cry hit – and exceeded – its fundraising goal.

Additionally, it gave their supporters a chance to get up close and personal with the team. It made the team human, authentic.

Internally, it also gave everyone a chance to have fun and be celebratory – both around the campaign itself and the potential impact they would have because of everyone’s contributions. Exodus Cry was born to address a pretty heavy and deeply important issue, so it was great for the staff as well to have a chance to get silly and let loose.

And hey, Exodus Cry is running another campaign (as of this writing) in about two weeks. How will they enliven their campaign this time around? What would YOU do?

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