Fello x Charidy

A large part of doing a successful Charidy Campaign is the call center.
If your organization wants to truly scale their calling capabilities, then
you need hardware: iPads, phones, headphones, etc.

At Charidy we have a reputation, and we strive to provide excellent service at every level with partners that are vetted and reliable. That is why we have partnered with Fello! If you are interested in learning
more, click here to learn about what they offer on our partnerships page.

If this sounds interesting to you and your organization, contact your
Campaign Manager who will put you in touch with a Fello Specialist.
“Reliable hardware is at the core of a successful call center initiative.
Our team is thrilled to partner with Charidy to provide these services
and to support successful fundraising campaigns nationwide.”
-Schneur -co-founder and head of strategic partnerships at FELLO–