Guess what’s coming to dinner…

Imagine your ideal gala dinner.

What do you see? A beautifully laid-out table? Delicious food? Moving speeches? (Most importantly, significant gifts rolling in to support your organization, of course.)

Same old, same old.

What if your dinner could be…something more?

How about an interactive digital program book, prominently featuring your most important supporters through images and video?

How about text-to-donate options, from the event or at home, so everyone can give at the touch of a button?

How about a livestream to your supporters around the world, inviting everyone to the table?

Or how about an entirely digital (dinner-less!) dinner, in which everyone attends – and gives – from the comfort of their own home?

What if your dinner could be customized.



Charidy is your 360° fundraising solution, and we’re bringing our proven philanthropic expertise, personal support, powerful graphic design, and dynamic digital technology — to dinner.

What’s your ideal dinner? Re-imagine it today with Charidy.

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