Boost Engagement (and Dollars) With a Little Healthy Competition

There’s nothing like a little healthy, goodhearted competition to spice up a crowdfunding campaign! Over and over again, the Charidy team has seen the most success from organizations who deepen engagement with the community members most closely connected to their cause. This is often board members, but may be families, volunteers, or beneficiaries.

Organizing teams is an extremely effective way to both bolster the spirit of “we’re all in this together!” and bring out that competitive drive. Which is a winning combination.

For instance, after-school Jewish learning program Chazaq built teams for each of its board members – and then pitted them against one another to see who could raise the most funds.

Thirteen teams raised from $20,000 to $200,000 each. The team board on their Charidy page helped them track progress, and cheer one another on.

The good-natured competitive spirit – and deep investment in the cause – drove the campaign to reach 142% of its goal, wrapping up with over $1.4 MIL.

Or here’s another example: Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam used Charidy for the school’s capital campaign and took a more expansive approach to their teams.

Every single family in the school had their own team.

All 187 of them.

And boy did it work.

The campaign brought in over $2 MIL, well over their initial goal of $1.5 MIL.

Avraham Meyer, the school’s Executive Director, said of the campaign, “By tapping into the power of the masses, our school was able to keep pace with organizations with much larger donor networks and committed supporters. It was purely magical and the positive energy we created will surely have ripple effects for the future.

When the community is in it together, playing up the tension between that shared sense of mission and the oh-so-human desire to play to win builds serious campaign momentum.

So whether you organize 13 teams or 187, give your community a sense of shared purpose and infuse a little bit of healthy competition, and you’ll be ready to raise.

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