Hear to Help: Crowdfunding For Special Needs

At Charidy, we are in the business of helping people help people.

Having only been recently hired, I was still skeptical of how much this statement really impacted the work we were doing. But after just three months, I have seen this vision actualized each and every day. Indeed, this strongly held commitment to giving influences the Charidy team at every level. And it has also challenged me to continue to offer the best service possible to each and every incoming client.

As the Client Success Manager at Charidy, my role is to introduce incoming and potential clients to our platform. I walk them through our services and comprehensive approach to fundraising through phone and video meetings all day long. I strive to be of service and to offer empathy, understanding and commitment to every non-profit founder, COO, CEO, executive or development director as well as the countless employees, volunteers, donors, and supporters from an endless array of non-profits that reach out to us for help at all hours of the day and night.

But when I received the inbound information for Dovi’s Playhouse for Children With Special Needs, I quickly learned a different approach was necessary.

I was introduced to Francine Steinhaus, the President of Dovi’s Playhouse, via email. And as I do with all our incoming clients, I asked for her availability and we set up a time for our first e-meeting. Then Francine informed me that she was deaf and asked if that would be an issue. Now, I had never pitched our services to a deaf client before but I was not above the challenge and moreover, I was excited to see how we could make this would work.

We used a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) which allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls. By using this service, I was able to communicate with a representative who relayed Francine’s responses back to me. Not only was it was surprisingly seamless and much easier than I anticipated but Francine and I totally hit it off!

Since our first encounter, Francine has signed on to run a Charidy campaign, and we look forward to helping her raise $20,000 (or more!) for Dovi’s Playhouse and the community it serves. I look forward to watching her successful campaign on the Charidy platform and to continue to be a part of supporting those with special needs.

That’s because our commitment to the special needs community extends across the world, and we have successfully completed Charidy campaigns for organizations like Flying Fox ($322,423 raised); the Friendship Circle of San Diego ($230,564 raised); Access, Inc. ($214,473 raised) Bayley House ($191,048 AUD raised); DANI ($156,178 CAD raised); and Disability Sport & Recreation ($30,557 raised). The possibilities are endless – just like the future of the special needs community we are serving.

Want to impact the special needs community where you live? Reach out to me at to get started today! Because at Charidy, we really are in the business of helping people help people and we understand that everyone’s needs are special!

Additional reporting by Melissa Jane Kronfeld


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