Help Us Share Your Crowdfunding Stories at the NTC

If you work in the nonprofit world – in fundraising, marketing, technology, programming, volunteer recruitment… really any number of areas – you should know about the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and their annual gathering, the Nonprofit Technology Conference, affectionately known as the NTC.

It’s a remarkable gathering of smart, generous, mission-driven folks (over 2000 of them) who come together to share ideas, insights, tips, and tricks, all while having a marvelous and unabashedly nerdy time together. The next one is coming up March 13-15 in Portland, OR.

Part of the magic of the NTC is that sessions are submitted from the entire community of techy dogoooders. And we here at Charidy have submitted a few of our own! We’d love to share the successes of our clients, and bring the big ideas that come out of those campaigns to the NTC audience (and learn from what the rest of the community has to teach).

So, we’ve got a super easy way to help you help us to help you. 😉

Vote for our sessions!

We’ve got five submitted here – all about crowdfunding, Giving Days, and storytelling – and anyone can vote. Community voting runs through August 31. Just create an account with NTEN (you won’t regret it), and you can submit one vote per session, but unlimited votes overall. Again, you can find all our sessions here.

Will you be at the NTC? Shoot Miriam an email – – and let us know! We’d love to see you there.