Meet the homeless man who is giving his lottery winnings to charity

homeless man

Ok, this is so freaking amazing you’ll either cry or you simply won’t believe it.

This homeless man from Hungary — not a penny (forint?) to his name — won the lottery… And… well, just read what happened because it’s magical.

László Andraschek was unemployed, in serious debt, and facing yet another year living on the streets of Hungary…  He had a few coins in his pocket, and instead of buying lunch or coffee or a new pair of shoes, he took a deep breath and bought… a lottery ticket.

And like in a fairy tale, he won. Almost 2 million Euros.

Do you know what he’s doing with the money?

After paying off his significant debt, and buying homes for his children, this remarkable man is going to build a foundation for addicts and women abused by their husbands.

Wow. Talk about giving back. 

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