How to Create Your Fundraising Perfect Storm (Webinar Playback)

Two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail. (A big problem when your organization relies on fundraising.)

Our answer?

Don’t crowdfund. 

Create a perfect storm.

Charidy’s Jess Quarello, Customer Success Manager, and Miriam Brosseau, Director of Marketing, recently hosted a conversation about what it takes to pull off a high-energy, high-urgency, high-impact Charidy campaign.

Those that are most successful come to the table with at least two of the following four qualities:

  • A strong brand narrative
  • Ability to orchestrate effective marketing
  • Strong leadership
  • Valuable social equity

Through the conversation, Jess and Miriam looked at each of these qualities, examined case studies of organizations that demonstrated them well, and discussed how a campaign can become like real-world, actionable learning and help organizations get stronger in the areas where they may be weaker coming in.

Take a look at the slides and playback here and consider: is your organization ready to create its own fundraising perfect storm?

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