Humans On The Move: How Charidy is Working to end the Migration Crisis

Christine LeViseur Mendonça is the CEO and co-founder of Humans on the Move (HOTM), a social impact advisory focused on connecting private, humanitarian and public sectors to rethink the response to the global forced displacement crisis. We are proud to partner with HOTM on building capacity for the company and its clients to address the growing number of refugees and displaced person around the world – which has reached a critical mass greater than in the post-World War II era.


We sat down to talk to Christine about the problem, her work to solve it and why she chose to partner with Charidy as HOTM’s crowdfunding and philanthropic development platform of choice.


What was the driving force behind establishing HOTM?

We founded Humans on the Move in response to learning that the private sector in some cases was exploiting countries receiving refugees and even refugees themselves. We felt, and still feel there is a mutually beneficial role for the private sector to play in responding to crisis of forced displacement. We are one of nine private sector entities with accreditation for the United Nations Global Compact on Migration.


The private, public, and humanitarian sectors often all have the same aim, yet struggle to work together because they approach solutions is different ways. Humans on the Move serves to be the intermediary, specifically a translator, to connect stakeholders and work to align both their interests and needs.


Why are refugees and migrants such an important issue for you?

They are human beings who have been forced to flee their homes under no choice of their own. The number of people displaced will only grow. And we as a global community need to rethink how we respond.


How are you working with Charidy to advance your cause?

Our clients are donors and members of the private sector, however as we develop our database of grassroots organizations responding the to needs of people on the ground, we meet some incredible actors. These organizations often need unrestricted funds to operate, and need to expand their network of supporters.


What does the future hold for the current refugee and migrant crisis & how can we all be a part of the solution?

Unfortunately, I think the current refugee and migration crisis in just the beginning of a larger trend of displacement. I would urge donors to support organizations that are closest to the people who are in need. One of the biggest trends in response has been, and I believe will continue to be, the growth of local organizations and deepening ties to local communities in response.


Why did you choose to partner with Charidy on this critical issue?

I was introduced to Charidy through a campaign that one of our partners, the Catholic Church’s Scalibrini International Migration Network, did in December 2017. We are partnering with Charidy because it provides a unique opportunity for organizations to build deeper relationships with existing donors and expand an organization’s reach, particularly through its the matching funds program.


Check out this testimonial of SIMN Development Director Patrick Gage discussing the Charidy campaign that inspired our partnership with HOTM.

Learn more about Humans On The Move or sign up for their periodic newsletter. Then check out Christine’s new article on Medium about asset-based grantmaking and this video from her event with the Americas Society on the Venezuelan Migration Crisis.