Igniting Your Movement

Lamplighters is not your average school. They are pioneering a radical approach to education in their community. They’re not just interested in excellent education – they’re building a movement.

So perhaps its not surprising that when they run their Charidy crowdfunding campaigns, the Lamplighters team doesn’t hold back. The campaigns themselves are always emblematic of not just what the school does, but who they are, and what the school truly means to everyone involved.

Looking for a way to ignite your supporters for your next campaign? Look no further; Lamplighters provides some excellent inspiration.

Take this messaging example from their November, 2017, campaign:

Your donation today will fuel a movement. To support a reality where tradition and innovation are not at war. Where education is lit up with wholeness, integration, and personalization.

It’s starts with you. Join us to set education on fire.

It’s a powerful rallying call, and resonates with the Lamplighters audience of committed and passionate parents, educators, and community leaders.

The goal is to have every stakeholder look at the campaign and say to themselves: I see myself in this cause.

(That, by the way, is a great goal for any campaign.)

That central focus – a clear message that puts their supporters at the center of the story – echoes in every aspect of their campaigns.

It’s a master class in donor-centric fundraising.

Another example:

In the course of the campaign, Lamplighters energized their supporters through sponsorships and give-aways. They shared these opportunities in a way that built in “the network effect” – basically, ensuring that after one group of people shares, another group is primed to take the message even farther. It also kept their supporters firmly at the center of the story, offering prizes that spoke clearly to the interests of their audience and using lots of “you” language.

Color, excitement, personality, clear (and fun!) instructions – who could help but get on board?

All these elements, and more, help Lamplighters build community and raise dollars to ignite and fuel the movement. And through it all, their clear messaging powerfully puts their supporters at the center of the story, keeping donors engaged and giving every year.

Ready to ignite your movement? Reach out to a Charidy fundraising specialist today!