If It's In Your Values…

There’s a saying among nonprofit professionals. “If it’s in your values, it’s in your budget.” The opposite also needs to be true. If it’s in your budget, it must be in your values.

How much more so with that invaluable, and all to scarce nonprofit resource: time.

So here’s a reframing: if it’s in your values, it’s on your calendar. If it’s something you believe in, you invest your time in it.

There are lots of ways nonprofit professionals can think about how to allocate your time (and spending time thinking about how to allocate time is, well, time well spent). One of the most useful and popular is an impact/effort matrix, like this one below (a downloadable template you can grab for yourself here).

Essentially, you take all the things on your plate and divvy them up based on how much impact they could potentially have on achieving your mission, and how much effort it will take on your part to accomplish them.

It can be a highly clarifying exercise to see just how much time is spent in, say, the “fill in jobs” quadrant that could go to higher-value “quick wins” or “major projects.”

Another helpful variation on this is the Eisenhower Matrix, which uses importance and urgency as the two axes, and provides the following guidance for each quadrant:

  • Important and Urgent: Do
  • Important and Not Urgent: Plan
  • Not Important and Urgent: Delegate
  • Not Important and Not Urgent: Eliminate

The thing is, there’s a key question that precedes both of these models: what’s impactful? What’s important?

Which brings us back to our original question.

What’s in your values?

When the team at Charidy initially begins working with an organization with the prospect of conducting a campaign together, one of the first questions we encourage those organizations to ask themselves is: do you have sufficient time to really rock this campaign?

In a way, what we’re really asking is: how does this campaign fit with your organizational values? To rally your community, to tell your story, to engage every level of donor in a way that you never have before?

If the nonprofit’s leadership can answer with a resounding yes – that’s a big part of what makes for a successful campaign. The effort goes right into that “important and urgent” box and it pays off.

Moral of the story? You do what’s in your values. If you want to know what’s in your values, check your calendar. They’re right there, in the places you spend your most precious resource – your time.

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