Humans are the Highest Tech: Inside an Operations Room

The heart of a Charidy fundraising campaign is the operations room.

It’s the nerve center. The place where all the energy coalesces. Where the weeks of planning and preparation, all the sweat and the tears, everything comes together and explodes into action.

But what is an operations room, really?

It’s a tough question to answer if you’ve never experienced one.

Fortunately, the amazing team at Yula Girls High School created this outstanding video to give everyone a sneak peek into what an operations room is all about – and why it’s so critical to the success of a Charidy campaign.

Take a look (and get ready to feel the energy):

What did you notice?

Lots of volunteers. Happy, motivated folks on the phone, helping out, connecting with one another.

Food! Drinks! Everyone there is giving a lot; make sure to take care of them as well.

Status updates! How far have you come? How much more is there left to go?

So much celebration! Signs and decorations. Selfies! Cheers of success! CAN WE DO IT – OF COURSE WE CAN!

It’s a fun, inspiring event that makes all the lead-up worthwhile.

And ultimately, it goes to show you – you can have the best technology, perfect planning, amazing marketing… but it’s really that human element that distinguishes your campaign.

Yula Girls High School, by the way, completed their campaign on Oct. 18th with an astounding $636,432 (159% of their goal) from over 500 donors.

Humans are the highest tech. The operations room is where their power comes to life.

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