Introducing Charidy 60

The advent of hyper-connectivity has changed the way the modern world thinks about giving. As a leader in this space, Charidy is highlighting the philanthropists, corporations, nonprofits and volunteers who are redefining the way we make an impact.

The Charidy 60 is about unparalleled selflessness; awardee J.K. Rowling, for example, gave away so much that she lost her status as a billionaire.

The Charidy 60 is about innovation; the City of Chicago and its Apprenticeship 2020 program are offering students, for the first time, a four-year alternative mentorship to college under the tutelage of prestigious corporations.

The Charidy 60 is about establishing bold, new frontiers; for the XPrize Foundation and SpaceIL, this means offering a million-dollar prize to private companies if they manage to make it the boldest of all frontiers: the moon.

Lastly, the Charidy 60 is about sacrifice; awardee Joshua Wong has put his well being in danger numerous times to fight for democracy in Hong Kong, inspiring protesters in his own city and across the world.

Though doubtlessly important, the odd $100 million or so given to a university isn’t what this list is about. The Charidy 60 celebrates the social impact trailblazers, the boldest of us all, those who take significant risks to pursue innovative avenues of change. These donors and ambassadors for good are the ones leading the charge on the most pressing issues of our time, and doing it in ways that haven’t been done before.

Awardees were chosen by a team of both Charidy members and community activists, led by Charidy CIO Moshe Hecht. Future recipients will be nominated by this year’s winners and an evolving committee of people committed to the cause.

You can read more about these incredible Change-makers here!