Making Your Crowd Stand Out from the Crowd: Twibbon for Campaigns

Crowdfunding is about taking social equity – the connections you have to all those people that know and love you – and monetizing it for the sake of the mission.

A great crowdfunding campaign taps your community’s passion and energy and translates it into dollars to fuel the mission that you all believe in so deeply (organization and supporter alike).

And when you believe in something, you find a way to show the world: this is meaningful to me. This is part of who I am.

Services like Twibbon help nonprofits and their supporters do this literally – allowing organizations to design and share campaign- or organization-specific images that can be layered over an individual supporter’s profile pictures.

A Twibbon is really a mini-campaign page that allows you to share a bite-seize version of your message, and the means to pass it along.

You need some basic graphic design chops (Canva is great for this) to create your centerpiece Twibbon. Make it clear and colorful, aligned with your brand and campaign message. Make sure to leave enough blank space for a typical profile pic, keep the file to the required size of 400×400 pixels, and download it as a .png.

Twibbon also gives you the option, for a nominal fee of $10/month (the basic service is free), to further customize your page and add other social-friendly ways for your supporters to show their love, like Facebook covers.

Most importantly, it’s easy to share. Take a look at this Twibbon for the upcoming United for Freedom (UFF) campaign, a 24-hour global giving day to raise $1 MIL to end human trafficking and modern slavery. The newly created Twibbon page is customized with UFF’s branding, makes it easy for supporters to add the imagery to their social channels, and encourages them to share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Twibbon is a great option to help build momentum and excitement, especially when the campaign itself may start and finish in only a day.

Best of all, it taps into the network effect before you’ve asked for a cent.

When your supporters show their pride in the mission and the campaign through an updated profile picture, their friends get notifications and see it in their feed. Your supporter may start a conversation in the comments. They can share the link and encourage others to join, amplifying the mission again.

And when your supporters add your mission to their profile pic, they become a part of your mission. Your story is their story, and vice versa. Which is precisely how it should be.

The Charidy team knows that human trafficking and modern slavery destroys lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with 30+ organizations, corporate sponsors, Ambassadors, influencers, and individual supporters of all types to host the United for Freedom Global Day of Giving. Join us on Oct. 16 as we raise together, and rise together, to end the cycle. Email for more, or show our support with a UFF Twibbon by visiting this link.