Matcher Solicitation with Charidy: Webinar Recap and Tips

Perhaps you’ve signed on to start your Charidy campaign and you’re a little nervous about the idea of soliciting your existing or potential major donors to become a matcher or matchers in your campaign. Or maybe you’re a potential client interested in partnering with Charidy but unsure what matching is and how we use this tactic in the Charidy Campaign experience. Well, we know what it takes to “Commit to the ask,” but in this webinar, we tackle the pieces of the puzzle it takes to inspire and solicit your mega donors. We start with the basics, and dive deep into this incredible tactic that we use to ultimately amplify your fundraising potential!

Don’t have time to watch and want a quick summary? Here are a few take-aways:

  • Charidy campaigns invite mega donors and philanthropists, aka “matchers” to act as an integral part of your campaign. Matchers are then used as leverage to amplify the giving potential of your donor base.
  • We find that typically there are four types of matchers to be found within your donor base:
    • Regular major donor – No increases in give
    • Regular major donor – that increases their give
    • New major donor
    • Lapsed donor
  • It is important to make sure you enlist the right people to solicit the right people. You don’t want to waste their time and you want to put your best foot forward
  • Here at Charidy, we provide matcher training as a resource during the campaign partnership. The more you understand how matching works and the value the matcher can truly bring to your Charidy campaign, the better you will be at solicitation. Inspiring your donors comes from education, and we provide the tools you need to educate yourself and your matchers!

And if you’re ready to meet your “match-er,” (see what I did there 😉 ! ) Charidy’s ready to help! Book a conversation with Jess to explore how we can partner on a Charidy campaign to smash your fundraising goals.