Introducing “The Helpers”: Masbia Soup Kitchen

When the Boston terror attacks happened, the country, through social media, was calmed and inspired by a few simple words spoken by one of America’s most influential (Yes, I said it! It’s true even if we don’t realize it) people in the past few decades: Fred Rogers.  The image below spread like wildfire:


I’ve always been inspired by those words.  There is something special about remembering that there are people out there not just talking, contemplating, or imagining doing good, but actually going out and doing it.  Those people are my personal inspiration, and they’re also the type of people we want to reward on Charidy as much as possible.

And so, allow me to introduce, with great excitement, our newest weekly series, inspired by Fred Rogers’s quote: “The Helpers”.  We’ll be profiling volunteers, people who risk their lives to help others, and general do-gooders from all over New York City.

Our first venture? Masbia, a network of soup kitchens located in Brooklyn.  We went to their Flatbush location and met some people who decided to sacrifice their day to help others.

Here’s what they had to say:


“I need to know that I mean something in this world.”



“I was raised to know that if you have something to give to someone, that you should give it. And for some reason I never learned how to stop.”



“Because of what I’ve done, I know that someone won’t have to go through the rest of the night hungry. And that makes me feel good, because when I’m hungry for a couple of hours I feel terrible. I feel cranky and don’t want to talk to anyone, so imagine what someone would feel like without food for an entire night or sometimes days.”



“My daughter got married a few months ago, and I just started feeling like I needed purpose.”



“Wait, let me grab these carrots.”



“It’s all about community. Giving back to each other when you can.”



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