Meet Our Charidy Campaign of the Month: Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam

This month the Charidy Team is proud to honor Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam (BYAM) as Charidy Campaign Of The Month! We sat down with the school’s Executive Director, Avraham Mayer, to discuss why BYAM chose Charidy as their crowdfunding partner.


Tell us about BYAM!

BYAM was founded in September 2012 with the mission to create a warm, Torah-like (spiritual) environment where students can grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. We seek to empower the future leaders of our community with a well rounded education steeped in our cherished Jewish heritage and ready for the challenges ahead of them.​ Our administration prides themselves on knowing each child on a first name basis and ensuring that every single student is given the tools she needs to reach her best success. Having just finished our sixth school year, we have grown from 31 student since inception to 245 this year. We provide a n incredible environment of fun and experiential learning that the community continues to embrace on a wider and wider basis.

How and why did you first get involved with BYAM?

I was a founding board member back in 2012. In the beginning I volunteered to help in whatever way I could. It is Rabbi Neuman and Mrs. Zytman who are the genuine heroes who created this school. In 2015 I came aboard as Executive Director and I haven’t looked back. To work in such a fulfilling field, and be a part of an incredible team that is building worlds every single day is indeed a privilege. I feel blessed to not only work together in such a great environment but also seeing my daughter in school on a daily basis is simply the cherry on top.​

Why did BYAM choose a Charidy Campaign for its fundraising needs?

​We are in the midst of building campaign to purchase the building we currently rent. It is some very exciting times over here and the funds raised will hopefully permit us to successfully close on the building and ​commence phase two of the campaign to begin renovations.

How did Charidy change your perspective on crowdfunding or fundraising?

I was blown away at the energy and sense of achdus (unity) amongst our parent body. Watching so many people and so many families come together to make this campaign the success it was is something I will never forget. By tapping into the power of the masses, our school was able to keep pace with organizations with much larger donor networks and committed supporters. It was purely magical and the positive energy we created will surely have ripple effects for the future. Crowdfunding is an immensely powerful tool, and if harnessed corrected organizations like us can accomplish really great things.​


What was the experience of working on a Charidy Campaign like?

Tapping into the technology and experience of a team like Charidy was a very well rounded experience.​


What was the best part of working with Charidy or the best part of the campaign?

​My Charidy liaison Menachem Siegel, hands down. ​


Describe Charidy in one word?  



Will you come back and do another Charidy campaign?

Lets see what the future holds but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out!


Congratulations to Avraham & and the entire BYAM community for their commitment to their cause and on a raise well done! Learn more about the campaign @ Then learn more about BYAM here & about their expansion project here.


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