Meet Our Charidy Employee of the Month: Isaac Eichenstein

This month the Charidy Team is proud to honor Isaac Eichenstein, our incredible Director of Campaign Management! Isaac was selected by our leadership because for his consistent devotion to the mission of Charidy and his unwavering work ethic. When we are all leaving the office after a hard days work, we always walk by his office and to say goodnight… because Isaac does not leave until he knows his clients are totally cared for! Isaac, who hails from London in the United Kingdom and has been with Charidy since 2017, sat down with us to discuss his work and why he loves being part a part of the Charidy team!

Tell us about you role on the Charidy Team?

In my role, I keep my finger on the pulse of all campaigns taking place. Each organization is unique, and there are always many moving parts. I make sure that the campaign manager and organization has whatever resources they need to make the campaign an ultimate success.

Another aspect of my responsibility is working on strategic campaigns. I particularly enjoy the challenge of forging new partnerships, and creating customized campaigns. It is quite fulfilling to help an organization that have not yet experienced the magic of a crowdfunding campaign in raising awareness and crowdraising.

Why did you decide to join Charidy?

Charidy is a place where I can apply my passion for global issues and the nonprofit world in a results driven,  business environment, together with a team that makes a real impact.

What’s the best part of working at Charidy?

Being at the forefront of the changing trends in the ways we, as a society, donate to a charity and realize the power of the individual that collectively creates the the crowd… Oh, and the Lox and Cream Cheese breakfasts we have!

What do you think is the secret to Charidy’s success?

The secret sauce is the people. The collective power of of our team creates a powerhouse of passion, knowhow, creativity and vision.

The focus on the evolving needs of the organization as a client is a strong factor in seeing clients come back year after year to run Charidy campaigns, as well as their year round marketing and fundraising needs.

What is the secret to your success as Director of Campaign Management?

Well, I’ll talk about about the success of Campaign Management and the entire department. It’s about being able to service the client, and be one step ahead of their needs. Both in Marketing, Fundraising and Management.  It’s seeing the need of the organization, before the organization sees it.

It’s also about being able to understand the donor. To understand what will motivate him or her to engage in and support the cause or organization.

When these two factors meet, I believe the campaign is set up for its ultimate success.

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What was your employee of the month gift and what do you plan on doing with it?

A trip to the Dominican Republic.

As a lover of outdoors and hiking, the rainforests of Los Haitises National Park, as well as the Península de Pedernales are high up on my to-do list. I also look forward to improving my Spanish language skills with the locals.


Have a question for Issac about our campaign management? You can reach out to him at