Meet Our Charidy Matcher of the Month: Elie Mishaan of Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam

This month the Charidy Team is proud to honor Elie Mishaan as our Matcher Of The Month for his participation in the Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam (BYAM) Charidy Campaign. We sat down with Elie to discuss why he chose to crowdfund for BYAM!


Tell us about yourself!

I am on the board of the school and have one daughter in the school in Second grade. I’ve been involved for a couple years now, trying to help the school grow and establish itself. One of the steps to do that is buying a building – and the fundraising for it. The board wanted the 150 families in the school to raise the money, so I suggested to the rest of the board that we use a Charidy campaign, as the best way to allow families to contribute and raise funds. And not just the families themselves, but also their friends, extended family members, and entire networks!

How & why did you first get involved with the BYAM school?

I got involved because I believe in the school. I believe in the principle of the school. I think that the school is just amazing and instills important Jewish values. But it is also very ambitious educationally and the school really just makes sure the girls are happy and learning. They asked me if wanted to join the board a few years ago and I accepted because I think that we actually really need a school like this and I am very motivated because my family is there.


Why did you choose to be a matcher to the BYAM Charidy Campaign?

It’s a good school. It’s personally invested in the families it serves, which really takes the school to another level. This investment ensures our future. And I really wanted to be a part of the campaign and contribute as much as I could, both financially and as a board member. I didn’t think twice about being a matcher.


What was the experience of the Charidy Campaign operations room like?

It’s the whole Charidy experience – it’s an exhilarating, rewarding experience. I don’t think it would have been any different if I was a matcher or just a donor – I think everyone felt the same excitement, no matter what level of giving they were at.


Describe the Charidy campaign in one word?  

The combination of exciting and rewarding and gratifying, to set a mission and accomplish it. There are too many words to boil it down to one!


Congratulations to Elie for his commitment to the cause and on a raise well done! Learn more about the campaign @