Telling Your Story: The Moment of Transformation

When you’re fundraising and telling the story of your organization and its impact, the instinct is often to share that from the point of view of the organization itself.

Here are our programs.

Here are our numbers.

This is the target demographic we serve.

And that’s all useful information, and important to share. But it’s not what drives an emotional connection with your donors.

You’ve got to tell a story. And the story you tell should demonstrate how the work of your organization brings on a moment of transformation for those you serve. 

Take this video from Kids in the Middle, a St. Louis-based organization that works with children and families going through divorce.

The video does a couple of things that work well in organizational storytelling:

First, it tells a story – literally. Both through the real story of the boy, and the fantastical version illustrated through the sun, moon, and storm.

Secondly, it clearly demonstrates the role the Kids in the Middle plays and the impact that it has, without putting the organization at the center. The perspective of the story is told through the eyes of the child. When the organization shows up, it’s quietly, in a supportive role.

Kids in the Middle is positioned as the key to the moment of transformation. They’re not at the center of the story, but they’re the ones making the dramatic, and necessary change in this boy’s life possible.

This messaging, and the campaign that carried it, helped raise over $160,000 for the families Kids in the Middle serves, allowing them to keep telling stories like this one.

So before you go into your next campaign, ask yourself – in what way do we facilitate change? What is the moment of transformation that our work makes possible? And what story can we tell to drive home that impact?

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