My Vehicle for Change

Before I started working at Charidy, “giving back” meant something different.

My husband and I wrote a check every year to St. Jude, and donated to our local Goodwill centers. This was pretty much the extent of our philanthropy, unless you count giving out $1 or $2 to local street performers as “giving back” ;). We were kind of removed in a way to our giving. Yes, we were charitable, but we weren’t able to see the influence our donation had on who it serviced.

Working at Charidy has changed that.

It isn’t just a job, but a vehicle for change.

I started my role as Client Success Manager at Charidy in April of 2018. Before working at Charidy, my professional experience focused on branding and marketing for mass market retailers. I truly enjoyed my job and felt like I was working in a field that was a great fit for me.

I had my daughter in August of 2017, and went back to work full-time three months later. This was a difficult time for me. On one hand I knew I wanted to work, but the work I was doing had less meaning than before. I hate to admit it, but I felt like if I was going to go to work and leave my daughter at daycare, I needed to be doing something inspiring, worthwhile and important for the greater good. Talk about high expectations for employment!

Photography by Shadi Garman

Fast forward to 6 months later, and I am the Client Success Manager here at Charidy. As my title suggests, my core focus is to ensure the success of all new and incoming clients that I onboard, as well as the success of existing clients. I speak to organizations, institutions and schools and walk them through the Charidy experience. I work together with their teams and our internal teams to vet the organization and decide if we are the right fit for their fundraising needs.

I spend every day working closely with generous and mission-driven individuals.

I get to speak to incredible people every day of my life who are working tirelessly to help those affected by causes deeply important to them. Helping these people is one of the most rewarding ways I have ever been able to give back.

It has truly changed me.

I have found that just by hearing my clients talk passionately about their organization, institution or cause, I have been influenced to become an advocate for their organization myself. I’ll never forget one of the first client campaigns that went live after I had on-boarded them. Dovi’s Playhouse for Children With Special Needs, Inc. services over 30 students with special needs. I wrote about my experience with their organization here. I immediately felt a connection to the team and was truly touched by their message and cause. Watching the success of their campaign in real time was such an exciting and truly rewarding experience! I felt like I had reached my goal alongside them!

Seeing my clients tap into their fundraising potential over and over again, is now a greater extension of me giving back. It’s no longer just a monetary give, it’s an influential give as well.

I hope this perspective inspires you to find a way to get connected to your giving, so you can truly feel the impact I have been so lucky to feel. Charidy has been my vehicle to give, and it can be yours, too. 🙂

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