Every Successful Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign Has This One Thing in Common

Two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail.

You read that right. Two-thirds!

What goes wrong? Timing, marketing, wrong platform, the cause itself didn’t quite click with the audience… There are any number of reasons a campaign may not reach its goal.

But the thing is, when you’re working in a nonprofit and raising money for a cause, you can’t afford to miss your goal. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of resources. And it means that those who benefit from your mission…well, won’t benefit.

Your fundraising has to be successful.

It’s likely what scares a lot of nonprofits away from crowdfunding. It just seems too risky.

So if you represent one of those innovative, cutting-edge nonprofits who’s ready to dive into crowdfunding, you’ll still want to make sure this campaign is going to raise the funds (and friends!) you’re rallying for your cause.

What’s the secret ingredient?

Charidy’s campaign managers have collectively worked with over 1500 organizations, ushering each of them through their campaigns to a mind-boggling success rate of 99%. (Really.)

What, then, do these organizations have in common? What’s the common denominator to a crowdfunding campaign that not only meets, but often exceeds, its goals?

One word: leadership.

There must be one person who is the backbone of the campaign. The cheerleader. The advocate. The life coach. The tireless supporter who knows in their bones that the cause matters and knows in their heart that this campaign will succeed.

That’s the kind of leadership we saw in Rabbi Zvi Gluck, the Executive Director of Amudim.

A campaign that raises over $5 million requires tenacity, mentorship, enthusiasm… from a single person.

We’ve seen this over and over, across campaigns, large and small alike.

You can have the best technology, the perfect messaging, the most beautiful marketing material; all the pieces can come into place. You can have great leadership, too – but maybe it’s from, well, too many leaders. 😉

But if you really want a successful campaign? Find your one leader.

And make it happen.