10 Photos To Remind You That Life Is Precious

It can be so easy to forget that your life is worth living.  So easy to forget that you mean mean something.  The world is full of billions of people, and we can so easy get lost in the masses and think that whatever we do doesn’t have an effect.

But we matter.  Our lives matter.  We mean so much.

And here are 10 photos to remind you of just that.

1. Missing his father…

7rlyoJD (1)This powerful image is of Luke Wilson, the son of a soldier who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

When his mother shared this image on Facebook she added this description: “Found my son sitting having a moment with his daddy the other day. We lost him Jan. 15 in Afghanistan. … We cannot forget about the incredible loss these children must undertake.”

It’s so painful to see this.  But such a reminder of the effect we have on the people around us… even when we are gone.

2. A Pregnant Corpse


3. A miracle procedure


This beautiful young lady has been through so much.  On New Year’s Eve Pippie, as she’s affectionately called, was playing in the garden, while her family was having a barbeque when the bottle of lighter liquid exploded in her daddy’s hands.

Pippie sustained 3rd degree burns over 80% of her body.

Only given a 10% chance of survival, the doctors tried a new procedure that would use her stem cells to create new skin that would then be transplanted on her body.  The transplant was successful and now Pippie is living a happy, healthy life.

Pippie’s story, which you can read more about here, is a heartbreaking but beautiful story about how life can change at any moment, and how, even when things seem almost impossible, we must remember just how lucky we are to be alive and to be with our loved ones.

4. Saved from the edge of disaster



Another reminder about how every moment is precious: This was the incredible scene as a mom and her two children were lifted to safety from their car as it teetered 100ft above a gorge after being rear-ended by a truck on a bridge.

Kelli Lynne Groves, 36, was trapped in her wrecked BMW with Sage, 10, and new baby Milo for an hour before they were rescued.

 5. A firefighter saves a girl just in time


6. Talking him off the ledge

Kevin Briggs, Kevin Berthia

It’s amazing to think how many people reach a point in their lives where they don’t think life is worth living anymore.  And increidbly sad.  That’s why photos like this, that show a policeman valiantly (and successfully!) talking a person out of making the worst decision he could ever make, are so inspiring.  A reminder that hope never dies and that we can extract ourselves from the worst situations.

In this instance, the police officer saved the man’s life.  And eight years later they reunited.  And the man who years ago might have lost everything said: “I didn’t want him to try and stop me but now I’m glad he did. All I can say is that I am truly grateful. You gave me an opportunity to live.”

7. Resuscitating on the job


This image, titled, “Kiss of Life”, won the Pulitzer Prize for phtogoraphy in 1968.  It was taken by a photographer who was covering a nearby railroad strike who happened to notice that high above him there was an electric worker who had been shocked by 4,160 volts of electricity.

Amazingly, his fellow worker was able to resuscitate him before the ambulance arrived.

What a striking reminder of just how delicate is and what a blessing we are to have good people around us to support us in times of danger.

8. Deathbed Beauty


This image was posted on imgur with this title: “My 103 year-old great-grandfather spending his last moments with his son, my grandfather.”

 9. Free At Last


This beautiful image belies a tragic story.  Next to this young, beautiful young woman is her daughter.  She is fourteen.

Her story was made famous when she left her abusive, much older husband and took a taxi to the courthouse in Sanaa, Yemen.  She fought a landmark legal case that allowed her to divorce and return home to her family.  She has since become an international heroine for women’s rights, most notably through the organization, Too Young To Wed, that has been fighting child marriage throughout the world.

To see her joy in this photo is a reminder of both the negative and the positive she has experienced.  The horrible difficulties, but also the freedom that eventually resulted.  The difficulties of her life but also the way she was able to inspire countless women with her bravery.  Just by refusing to give up, she reminded the world how precious her own, and thus every other person’s, life was.

 10. One year after trying to die


This image was posted on imgur with this title:  “My boyfriend and I met a year ago in a mental hospital after we had both attempted suicide. Today we’re celebrating one year of not being dead!”

What a gorgeous reminder.  A reminder that no matter how low things go, we can always rise higher.  That even only a year after the worst point in our lives, we could be celebrating with the person we love.  And the beauty of this is that the two clearly worked together to reach this point.

They need each other to realize just how precious their lives were.

And so do we all.