Q&A with Charidy

Q: I want to run a Giving Day, but I’m afraid of setting a public target and not reaching it.

A: Fear not. At Charidy, we work with you to set a target that is both ambitious and attainable. In order to do this, we have developed what we call a vetting analysis, where we analyse your internal resources, fundraising calendar, donor base, social equity, and more.

Once you complete your vetting form, we use our experience from running thousands of campaigns to interpret the data and discuss the findings with you. The result is a target figure that we are confident you will hit (and often exceed) if you follow the Charidy program.

At Charidy, we are always pushing you to raise more than you could have thought possible. Organisations sometimes come to us with a small tentative target in their minds, but once the vetting analysis is complete, they are blown away by their real fundraising capacity. And this isn’t just an opinion: Giving Days that follow our strategy never fail, and very often exceed their targets.