Q&A with Charidy

Our Favourite Question of November

Q. I’ve just started in major gifts at a new organisation, and they don’t have a single case for support! Where do I start?
– Bamboozled

A. Ouch, this isn’t uncommon sadly. You’re expected to go out and speak to all those incredible donors about nothing, which will lead them to donate… nothing!  The good news is that this is an opportunity for you to build invaluable relationships within the organisation, and deeply understand what you’re fundraising for and why it matters. Start with one or two projects that are organisational priorities (with the tick from the CEO!) and find out how much you need and when you need it by. Can you offer naming rights or recognition, and for how long? How much should that be valued at? Last but not least, why should the donor give? Look for the why not the what and make that the focus in your case for support. For example, if you were fundraising for a new garden at a hospital you would focus on how giving patients ready access to a garden during their hospital stay provides a return to nature that eases pain and speeds up healing for patients.  Of course showing the designs and naming rights opportunities is all a part of the case for support, but make sure you remember to weave into it why it’s so important that your donor supports this cause.
Good luck!