Honorable Highlight

Recognizing the Charidy60 Pioneers

At Charidy, from our founding, we have been riding, or better yet; surfing, the monstrous waves of modern crowdfunding. We’ve truly maximized the potential of crowdfunding and monetized thousands of organizations’ social equity, by revealing the powerful and innate potential of the average person.

At the same time, we’ve been swimming against the current, introducing things that are still not being magnified in the nonprofit space. For over 6 years—now coming up on our billion dollar mark—we’ve worked vital, new ingredients into the space, elements that have had their impact across the entire nonprofit community; whether you’ve done a Charidy campaign or not, that much is evident, especially in the many  communities in which we are prevalent. 

To quote our CEO, Yehuda Gurwitz, “We make the impossible possible.” We do that by amplifying basic human truths and truly understanding what really motivates people to give, participate, and help—in their own way-to make a difference. 

To fuel that feeling and to make it contagious, highly recognizing people is a cornerstone of our ethos. And not just so these people can feel good about the work they do. But even more importantly is that more people can look to the givers as an example of self-sacrifice and success to aspire to. 

To build on that idea, Charidy is releasing a new project to recognize those people who are making a difference in a completely new, pioneering way. In other words, they’re living the mantra of making the impossible possible; these are people who are dreaming and who are doing. 

These are philanthropists who are giving in new types of ways and to projects that have never been supported before. 

These are nonprofits that are leading the way in taking risks on causes that might be overlooked and underhelped. 

These are corporations that buck the popular conception of the “evil big company” with their revolutionary ideas of social responsibility. 

Finally, these are volunteers who might not have the institutionalized structure of their other Charidy 60 counterparts, but making real change and sacrifice through their voices and work.

With the annual Charidy 60, we want to continue to build on these awardees’ change and inspire other average people to take extraordinary chances.

Awardees were chosen by a team of both Charidy members and community activists, led by Charidy CIO Moshe Hecht. Future recipients will be nominated by this year’s winners and an evolving committee of people committed to the cause.