Renae Randle, Individual Giving Program Manager at Mummy’s Wish

After raising $154,810 to help provide support for mums with cancer, Renae Randle answered some key questions that are relevant for any nonprofit that’s on the fence about Giving Days.

You have limited resources and a busy calendar. How did you fit a Giving Day into your schedule?

Our team had flagged Giving Days as an alternative to a traditional DM late last year. We like to plan ahead! It’s not something that you want to rush, but it’s most certainly worth planning into your fundraising schedule.

Other than the essential funds you raised to grow your services, what were the other benefits of a Giving Day?

Our Giving Day allowed us to go to our donors and the general public with something new and different, something we’d never done before. The whole team really got behind the concept. It allowed Mummy’s Wish to secure new donors, and to tell more people about our cause. From an internal perspective, the way our team and volunteers rallied together was just something else. The resulting camaraderie that we found by all being in it together was such a buzz. 

How many new donors did you engage?

Just shy of 500, which is more than half of the Giving Day total of 953 donors.

What would you say to someone who’s hesitant about running a Giving Day?

Just give it a go. There’s really nothing to lose. The Charidy formula simply works and the team are wonderfully supportive. Your Giving Day needs buy-in from the whole organisation to maximise success. If your hesitation is around succeeding, think of what you’re missing out on if you don’t give it a go! 

How difficult was it to secure matches?

This was our biggest hurdle. With a very limited number of existing major donors, we had the challenging task of trying to find new matched givers in a relatively short time frame. Armed with the knowledge we learnt this year, we’re already looking at building relationships for next year’s Giving Day.

What do you think of when someone says “Charidy”?

It probably doesn’t mean a lot to those outside the industry, but for us, Charidy means a fantastic sense of achievement!