Rock Your Campaign Promotion on Instagram: 3 Examples

Instagram has become a necessity for nonprofits wanting to connect with the 59% of adults ages 18-29 (mostly women) who engage with it. Half of the network’s users log in daily, with over a third checking in multiple times. And you’re probably familiar with the trend to ditch Facebook in favor of Instagram. (Even IG’s founders are following suit.)

In short, this visually-driven space is a necessity for any nonprofit wanting to draw energy and attention around their campaign.

And there are lots of interesting ways you can do that! Here are just a few approaches.

These examples are drawn from the organizations participating in Charidy’s upcoming United for Freedom Global Day of Giving. They are part of a group of 30+ nonprofit world-changers banding together to raise $1 MIL in 24 hours on Oct. 16. Find out more here.

Here’s some of what they’re doing to get the momentum going:

  1. Make it Human. The research is in. Photos with human faces are “38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments” on Instagram than pics without that uniquely human element. So Batey Rehab Project, “a non-profit organization bringing housing solutions and economic empowerment to the Batey communities of the Dominican Republic,” is on the right track with this simple, sympathetic post that’s all about the expression.


2. Incentivize Early Giving. There are four big reasons your donors give. But it doesn’t hurt to throw something special in the mix now and then. This gorgeous post from Beauty for Freedom not only highlights the the upcoming campaign, but builds their community. It’s an opportunity to highlight an artist who’s committed her work to the cause, amplifying the message in both form and content.

View this post on Instagram

"I’m Amy Smith @artbycolorscape a Los Angeles based mixed media artist, and I am passionate about freedom! This year, I’m supporting an amazing anti-trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom. Their platform exists to empower survivors of trafficking and at-risk youth through skills training and creative therapies and through their programming, they’ve been able to support over 2000 survivors of trafficking and at-risk youth in the US and globally since 2014." There are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking. Nearly 80% are victims of sex trafficking and 19% are victims of labor trafficking. JOIN OUR GIVING CAMPAIGN AND DONATE $50 OR MORE AND ENTER A DRAWING TO WIN MY ORIGINAL ARTWORK “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS”. YOU CAN DONATE STARTING TODAY AND THE GIVING DAY CAMPAIGN ENDS AT MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 17TH. DONATE HERE: (link in bio) BECOME A CHAMPION FOR FREEDOM! LEARN MORE ABOUT BFF AT WWW.BEAUTYFORFREEDOM.ORG #endhumantrafficking #supportsurvivors #beautyforfreedom #empower #art #giveback

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3. Connect in Real Life. Let’s face it. Our digital lives and “real” lives are getting more and more integrated. Our devices are getting smaller, closer to our bodies, and more personalized all the time. Every organization with a successful digital presence is doing the work on the ground as well. SINTRATA, an organization fighting human trafficking in Mexico, knows this and does a beautiful job of integrating digital into their on-the-ground work, and highlighting their on-the-ground work in digital.

How will you build momentum for your campaign on Instagram?

Learn more about the United for Freedom Global Day of Giving here, or email to get involved.