Slogans and Storytelling: Webinar Recap and Tips

You’ve got 24 hours, maaayybbeee 36, to tell a fundraising campaign story that gets your audience activated to give.

What story do you tell, and how?

This is the question the Charidy team tackled in this latest webinar, “Slogans and Storytelling: Messaging that Moves Supporters to Act.”

Check out the full playback here:

Or if you’d just like the slides:


Just want a quick summary? Here are a few actionable take-aways:

  • Campaign storytelling is different from your organizational story. It’s important to understand the role your campaign plays in your larger organizational life-cycle and narrative. For instance:
    • Are you a young organization that is using the campaign to bolster an emerging brand narrative and build community? Then you need a story that builds on and amplifies the groundwork you’ve already laid.
    • Been around for a while, and need a campaign to infuse something fresh? Then your campaign story is a great opportunity to break free from the norm and try something new.
  • Marketing = Attention + Trust. Build trust throughout the year. Go for attention during your campaign.
  • Here’s a useful process to get at your campaign slogan:
    • Bring (some of) your team together! Make sure you have diverse experiences and perspectives on the work in the room.
    • Have everyone do a free write – 500 words on why they are involved in the organization and its mission. Don’t think, don’t censor, just write.
    • Then reflect, share, and compare. Look for commonalities. What themes emerge?
    • Finally, pull it all together. Think nouns and verbs for your slogan, nothing fancy. What’s the short, punchy essence you can dig down to in order to drive that campaign story?

And if you’re ready to tell your story, Charidy’s ready to help! Book a conversation with Jess to explore how we can partner to tell your story, engage your community, and smash your fundraising goals.