Russian Man Drives 900 Miles To Sochi To Save 11 Stray Dogs

For more than a year now, animal rights activists have been fighting against Russia’s plan to eliminate its stray dog “problem” ahead of the Olympics.  And although the Russian government finally backed down and claimed they would not cull the dogs, activists estimate that over 1,000 of the dogs have already been secretly killed off.

One of those activists finally got sick of hearing of all the horrible things going on in Sochi and took it upon himself to do something about it.

Meet Igor Ayrapetyan, the man who drove over 900 miles for over 20 hours just to save as many dogs as he possibly could.



All in all, he jam-packed 11 dogs into his car.  A small number relative to the huge amount of innocent dogs being culled, but 11 that would have been dead if he did not do his huge trek.  And in his mind, this wasn’t just about the amount of dogs he could save.  This was about bringing this to the attention of the world.

“I went there not only to pick up these 10 dogs but also to draw attention to this issue, to rally people and get them organized,” Airapetyan told RFE. “In the future, I would like to unite animal-protection groups so people can act in a consolidated manner with joint information resources.”

And it seems like it’s starting to work.  A local news station even taped his daring rescue:

Let’s try and help his cause.  If you want to help, you can visit his Facebook page, or visit this page to learn about other actions you can take.