Son Writes Loving Message For Ailing Mother In The Snow For All To See

This message was left a few days ago for a mother recovering from chemotherapy by her son. It reads: “HI MOM. GOD BLESS U!”

From inside the hospital, in pain and exhausted, she looked outside and saw the message. Not only did it warm HER heart, it improved the moods of everyone in the hospital who could see it.

“My son has never done anything like this before,” the woman told the Chicago Tribune. “He is a very caring child and very loving. But a message this big, he didn’t think about. He acted on instinct and from what was in his heart.”What an absolutely beautiful message and such a reminder to show our love for our loved ones when they need it most.

It’s especially touching to me because I can picture this mother — feeling so vulnerable, so afraid — seeing a very clear reminder that she raised her son right.