Spread, don’t spend.

When it comes to fundraising…Spread, don’t spend.

You can SPEND money to spread awareness, or you can RAISE money to spread awareness…what would you prefer? I overheard Charidy’s Moshe Hecht say this exact statement to a potential client and had a lightbulb moment. I thought about his words and realized how impactful they were. So much so, that I wrote this blog post! 

To spread a message in marketing, you usually find yourself investing in platforms and advertising to spread the word. That works in a typical brand marketing strategy. Crowdfunding is a little different. First, in crowdfunding you begin with a self-propelled stage. The stage is your canvas. A typical canvas in typical marketing consists of items you pay for such as billboards and magazines etc. But by putting together a campaign and deploying it online in a crowdfunding capacity, you have a momentum and a stage for free, which we like to call “permission marketing.” So we have set the stage, now what?

What a lot of directors of nonprofits don’t realize is that they have free marketing at their fingertips already. Where does this exist?? In their donor base.

It’s time to start treating your community and donor base as more than just as a fiscal donor. Each person that is affiliated with your organization is of VALUE. Just because someone isn’t able to donate to your cause financially, does not mean they can’t donate to your cause in another way. What I mean is that they can become an advocate, a volunteer or even an influencer. They can use THEIR direct community to affect YOUR organization’s cause.

This can be argued to be even more valuable than the donations itself. By investing in the community that isn’t an actual donor, but asking them to show up for you in THEIR way, you have the potential to allow your campaign to go viral within your community. Those donors will feel heard and be more apt to speak on your behalf to their friends, post online and ultimately share in the campaign success.

Nonprofits spend tons of time trying to raise funds, but by approaching your community with a different strategy, you can raise a lot more than just your goal.