Storytelling matters. Here’s why.

Fundraising is about getting people to commit their money. Storytelling is about getting people to commit, period.

  • Mendel Jacobson, writer at Charidy

Something happens in your brain when you hear a great story.

You’re immediately drawn in. You develop opinions about the characters. Feel connected to them, or not. You compare their actions to your own and, in this way, see yourself in that story.

If there’s anything that differentiates humanity from the rest of the planet’s creatures, it’s storytelling.

When you fall in love with a story, you’re ready to do anything.

  • Ariella Shapiro, Creative Director at Charidy

Stories are not a “nice to have” in fundraising. They are crucial.

The question is, what’s your story, and how do you tell it?

The Charidy team has pulled together some of our favorite examples of stories and slogans from our nonprofit campaigns, and we’d love to share the lessons we’ve learned with you.

Join us tomorrow (November 15, 2018) for “Slogans and Storytelling” to dive deeper into creating great copy and compelling images that bring your audience into your story and encourage them to give, and give big.

Choose the time that works best for you:

What will your story be?