The Four Reasons Your Donors Give

When it comes right down to it, fundraising is about tapping into one of four basic human drives:

Community. Every one of us wants to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to feel connected. In Maslow’s class Hierarchy of Need this might be referred to as the need for a sense of belonging. Giving can do that.

Urgency. There is a need, now. This moment matters. The donor’s action, their gift, is important right now.

Recognition. We all want to be seen, and heard, and valued. When we give, then the organization or person to whom we’ve given something acknowledges us and the role we played in changing their world for the better. It just feels good.

Impact. The gift makes a meaningful difference. It helps the donor, through the organization, to create the kind of world they want to see.

The key to successful fundraising is to speak clearly and consistently to these motivations. When the Charidy team works with nonprofits to design their campaigns, we work to hit on all four. But for any kind of campaign, it’s worth reflecting on this list and considering:

Want to see these four questions in action?

On Oct. 16, over 30 organizations fighting human trafficking are coming together to build community, tackle an urgent problem, recognize their beneficiaries and supporters alike, and – most importantly – make a meaningful impact. United for Freedom is taking 24 hours to raise $1 MIL worldwide to help bring an end to human trafficking and modern slavery.

You can be a part of this movement. You can help end the cycle and save lives.

Join us on Oct. 16. Find out more here, or email

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